Training & Education

Training and Education is our forte. We deliver almost all software engineering and related technology courses. This page lists the main categories of training that we deliver.

Who is it for?

Our training spans all groups. Students of Engineering background, looking for career in software development, Developers with some experience, and even architects. Different courses are customised for different stakeholders. Take a look at the following categories for further information!




For Starters

A number of computer programming languages are covered. Predominant of them include C, C++, Java, Python, Pascal, Dart, R etc.

Web & Enterprise Apps

Web App Development

A number of contemporary courses in this category include HTML5/CSS3/JS6, MEAN & Full Stack, Web and Enterprise Java, Spring & Hibernate, and many more.

Mobile Apps

Mobile App Development

Mobile Application Develop (or MAD) includes Android, iOS and ReactNative. As a part of the MAD, HTML5/CSS3/JS6/React etc. are also included in these courses. 



For Starters

A number of Architecture related courses are covered. They include Application Architecture, Integration Architecture, Technology Architecture, Design Patterns, Architecture Patterns & Styles, TOGAF 9.2, including Certifications.

Artificial Intelligence

Web App Development

Artificial Intelligence is going to be of importance in the future. As a part of this, Atlius Digital’s strategy includes the following courses. Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing and Image Processing.


Mobile App Development

DevOps are very important for any enterprise organisations. One of the most relevant course categories of today. We include the following courses under this category. Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible, Github, Maven, JFrog etc.


Cyber Security

Securing yourself!

Cyber Security is as important as ever. There are two levels of programs we conduct in this category. Cyber Security for CXOs and Cyber Security for Developers

Customized Courses

Courses on Demand

We conduct a number of courses on request. Some of the courses include Product Architecture, Risk Management & Mitigation, Ruby & Rails, Groovy & Grails etc.

IDEs and APIs

Eclipse, NetBeans, IDEA etc.

This courses are essentially for the students of CS and IS Engineering. These courses include Eclipse, NetBeans, Atom, Visual Studio Code, Brackets, PyCharm, IntelliJ IDEA, Kotlin etc.