Coding is the essence of software engineering. At Altius Digital, we take coding as seriously as any other course. In fact, all of us are code warriors in Altius Digital. While we are conversant in almost all languages and platforms, we offer only a few of the platforms and languages as course. They are C & C++, Java (Basic and Core Java), Dart and Python. Our web and enterprise course are also language specific. Our web solutions are based on Java and Python. Following are the top-level details of our language-based courses.

As a part of this course, we cover language fundamentals, which include syntax and semantics, keywords, operators, expressions, loops, statements, arrays, lists and other important features such as strings, pointers, functions, I/O and file handling. As a part of the C++, we cover object orientation aspects of C++ and its importance, classes & objects, the four pillars of object orientation – abstraction, inheritance, encapsulation and polymorphism. Advanced aspects such as constructors and de-constructors, static and dynamic binding etc. are covered in this course.

Java is one of the most popular of all the languages today. In this platform we cover the following topics: The Java Virtual Machine, byte codes, variables and datatypes, conditionals, looping constructs, arrays. As a part of Object Orientation, we cover classes & objects, interfaces, methods, and the pillars of OOPS – Abstraction, Inheritance, Polymorphism and Encapsulation. Also specific to Java is garbage collection is covered. Also covered as a part of core java include Threads and multi-threading, I/O package which include Input and Output streams, Readers and Writers, and the basics of UI such as Layout and Layout Managers, Menus, Events and Event Listeners etc.

Dart is one of the newest of the languages, and it is gaining grounds in the programming world. In this course we cover aspects such as Blocks and Comments, Keywords, Constants and Variables, Operators and Control flow statements. As a part of Object orientation, we cover Classes and Objects, Interfaces and Abstract Classes, Generics. Errors, Exceptions and how to handle them is also covered in this course. The intermediate aspects of this language include Conditionals, Texting, Loopers, Collection and Libraries for advanced activities. As a part of the Advanced Dart programming aspects, we cover Asynchronous Programming, Generators, Isolates, Typedefs, Metadata etc.

Python is the most modern of the present day technology world. The next generation solutions are going to be met by Python, as python addresses the Data Science and Artificial Language requirements of the next generation organisations. In Python we cover the following: Variables and Operators, Datatypes, Expression, Blocks and Statements, Conditionals and Conditional Operators, Loops with breaks and continue options, Lists, Ranges, Tuples, Sets, Dictionaries, etc. As advanced feature, we cover Time and Datetime, Functions, Object Orientation which includes Classes, Objects, Methods, Exception handling etc.