Architecture is the orverarching piece of the IT or Software solution for any enterprise. There are several pieces of architecture puzzle which needs to be in place for an enterprise solution to work properly. Altius Digital is in a strong position to take care of the architectural needs of any enterprise. We cover many architectural puzzles – Technology Architecture, Application Architecture, Software Architecture, Integration Architecture are a few of the important pieces. Apart from this, we also cover Architectural Patterns and Styles, Design Patterns, Product Architecture etc.

Application architecture focuses on the application layer of the architecture solution. Application architecture helps in creating applications (or the pieces of applications) which will help in providing solution to the overall solution requirement of the organisation. Altius Digital covers the ADM solution of the architecture development, as a part of this course. Application architecture, in association with other architectural solutions, will provide a complete solution for the organisation.

Technology Architecture focuses on the Technology aspects of the architecture. Different pieces of technologies provides parts of solutions. Technology architecture associates application components from application architecture with technology components representing software and hardware components. The components of technologies are generally acquired in the marketplace and can be assembled and configured to constitute the enterpriseā€™s technological infrastructure. Technology architecture provides a concrete view of the way in which application components are realized and deployed.

Integration architecture facilitates the integration of multiple IT components. In fact Integration architecture facilitates multiple architecture to connect for coexistence as a complete solution. Integration brings about legacy systems as a part of the solution. This architecture changes with the advances in cross-platform utility and other development paradigms for new kinds of digital operations.

Product architecture is the scheme by which the functional elements of the product are arrangedĀ into physical chunks and by which the chunks interact. This definition links architecture to system-level design and the principles of system engineering. Product Architecture has a profound influence on how the product is designed, manufactured, sold, used, recycled, repaired, and so on. The need for Product Architecture is usually felt during assembly phase of the product manufacturing.

Architecture is a very vast and wide subject. Different problems requires different solutions. In fact different type of problems require a specific set of solutions. Understanding Architecture patterns and styles, therefore, becomes an important subject. Many a times, a set of different patterns together form a solution for a large enterprise architecture. For example, certain organisations, the architecture could be data centric in nature. For certain other organisations, communications or process flow could be more important than data, or its centricity. Also, architectural styles also plays important role in these solutions.

Design Patterns are a top-level solutions in the top-down approach to the enterprise solutions. There are a number of different design patterns that are used in creating solutions. In fact every platform provides a set of design patterns, optimised for a specific use. In Altius Digital, we cover the fundamental Software Design Patterns promulgated by the Gang of Four (or GOF). We cover the three fundamental design patterns – creational, structural and behavioural design patterns.

TOGAF stands for The Open Group Architecture Framework. This frame is an all encompassing framework which when used by the organisations to manage their enterprise activities, will enormously benefit the organisation in long term. TOGAF course of Altius Digital specifically addresses the Certification requirements of TOGAF – the Foundation Certification and Certified Certification.