Technology Branding

Altius Digital is very serious about understanding and mastering the technology. That is one of the reasons why clients keep coming back to us, as they have realised how we can add value for any technology. Our branding strategies include authoring Books, Creating Patents, conducted and participated in Seminars, conferences, promoting User Meets etc.


Our thought leadership on the technology is shared via recording out experience and expertise via books. We have been publishing books since 2004, and we have more than 6 books published and a couple of them are WIP. These technology books have been published by renowned publishers such as McGraw0Hill, Taylor & Francis, Pearson, etc.



Our creativity knows no limits. Creations are usually captured in the form of copyrights, registered trademarks, service trademarks, patents etc. At Altius Digital, we have applied for patents on innovations, and two of such innovations have been recognised by USPTO as well as the India PTO. Visit our Patent page to learn more about out patents.


We are gregarious. We would love to meet fellow technologists and exchange ideas and learn and teach the progress. We not only participate actively in seminars and conferences, we also conduct seminars and conferences. We have presented papers, delivered lectures and hands-on workshops.


On a regular basis, we interact at the local levels, where we conduct user meets to deliver focused activities such as sessions, lectures on focused items in technology, tool or framework etc. We also organise invited lectures from professionals from business and academicians. Our efforts have been lauded and appreciated by the industry.