Tech Branding

Altius Inc. values technology very high in its agenda. Altius Inc. ensures that it is always on top of the technology space, informed about the latest developments and have a firm grip on the leading-edge technology. Altius Inc. also invests into technology and share with the community via books, papers, patents, presentation on national and internal conferences etc. Our contribution in this space is detailed in this section:

Books & Papers

Altius Inc. has been in touch with the technology since its inception, and this is being evangelized through publication of books and papers. Some of the important titles already published include Web Services (First Edition), Web Services( Second Edition),  J2EE Architecture, SOA, Secure Java, etc. Some of these books are reference books for undergraduate students in India. There are more books that are WIP.


This section provides the abstract and the snap-shot of the first page of the granted patents from USPTO. This activity extended for multiple years, and contribution from the other professionals too.

  • Methods and systems for secured access to devices and systems
  • Protocol processing including converting messages between SOAP and application specific formats