Proof of Concepts

Altius Digital is a very serious player in the technology field. To showcase its seriousness, Altius Digital is showcasing several prototypes and proof-of-concepts that have been created by its student community for the past several years.

Alumni of Altius Digital have created many prototypes in different technologies such as Java/J2EE, MEAN and Full Stack, Mobile Application Development, Python, Django and AI/ML/DL/NLP etc.

This menu helps you in exploring some of the latest of the prototypes that have been launched on some of the free hosting services such as Heroku!

Basic & Core Java

Our alumni have created innumerable number of projects and prototypes, and it is overwhelmingly large. Of course, we have been in this technology for over 2 decades now.

Design & Architecture Patterns

Our students of Architecture have created a number of projects where in they have used Java as a platform to fit the right patterns for the right problems.

Mean & Full Stack

We teach many stacks for web application development. MEAN, MERN, Full and other stacks. Links to some of them are available in this web site.

Python & Django

Python and Django based stack not only allow you to create web applications, but also do serious applications such as data science and artificial intelligence. Links to some of them are available in this web site.

Frequently asked questions

Prototypes are small apps with limited functionality, and uses many technology elements in the right mix and arrangement so that the application act as a Proof-of-concept or PoC.

Most of the Prototypes and PoCs are archived and with Altius Digital. Some of them are showcased on free hosts such as Heroku!

Yes! Anyone can use the app. However, they are supposed to be used for functional testing only. Altius Digital periodically cleans and moves them to archive, based on its showcase value.

Many of our customers and partners have pointed out suggesting that this would be a great idea. We have implemented it using the existing capabilities.

Yes, but we are very selective. Please email to us at for enquiries.