Altius Digital has been able to grow their list of clientele steadily for the past decade. Each of the client have been able to benefit by the interaction with the Altius Digital team, as we were able to deliver tangible knowledge, skills, and assets for the client. We have been able to make our client succeed in their works and ventures. Students from Educational Institutions and other retail students have also been able to benefit from Altius Digital. Many students of Engineering in Computer Science, Information Science etc. have been able to benefit enormously from Altius Digital.

Altius Digital is providing Consultancy and developed Prototypes and PoC on leading-edge technologies. Teams from different groups were involved in the development of unique prototypes that demonstrates the power of leading-edge tools and technologies. These prototypes are available for learning purposes at Infosys, and a part of these prototypes are available for the students as well. As a registered vendor, Altius has been associated with Infosys since 2010.

Altius Digital is providing educational services to CTS in the field of Java and Android Application development. Altius has already trained several developers who are able to contribute to the projects all over the world. As a registered vendor, Altius is associated with Cognizant since 2011. Altius Digital also have conducted seminars and conferences such as CJCOne (Cognizant Java Community) for CTS world-wide.

Altius Digital is providing training and mentoring services to EMC2 in Architecture. Over 200 senior developers and budding architects have been trained and mentored on enterprise architecture subjects. Product Architecture, Data Architecture, Integration Architecture, Architecture Evaluation are some of the subjects that are handled for EMC2. Altius Digital has also provided technology consultancy services to DELL EMC on Enterprise Application enhancement for functional as well as performance enhancement.

Altius Digital is providing training and mentoring services to Hexaware in Architecture. Software Architecture and Enterprise Architecture courses were handled for Hexaware Technologies. Senior Developers and young Architects were mentored on Architectural Principles, Software Architecting and related subjects.

Altius Digital is providing technology training services to Visteon product developers and architects on the subject of Product Architecture. Visteon focuses on product development for automobile industry. Young architects and senior product developers, testing engineers were trained on Architecting Principles and Product Architecture subject.

Altius Digital is partnering with Manipal Global Education (MaGE) to provide training solutions in the field of Java, J2EE, Architecture Mentoring and Consultancy services. With MaGE, Altius is offering a host of technology training services to its clients. As a Technology Partner, Altius has been associated with MaGE since 2014.

Altius Digital is providing technology training services to Tyfone in the field of Java, J2EE, Spring & Hibernate etc. Altius Inc. has trained and readied a set of developers on the Java, J2EE technologies along with Spring and Hibernate implementation, Architectural principles, Testing etc.

Altius Digital has provided mentoring and training services to the senior developers and architects of Syntel, specifically imparting knowledge on the best practices on Architecture of Large Enterprise system, including TOGAF

Altius Digital has provided training and mentoring services in the area of Software Architecture, Enterprise Architecture, Data and IT Architecture aspects.

Altius Digital has developed technology training eLearning materials on Design Patterns and Web Services to the engineers of Capgemeni. Altius Digital has also delivered iOS training to the Mobile Application Development (MAG) Group at their Bengaluru facility.

Altius Digital has been helping a number of retail clients as well. Students of Engineering from branches such as Computer Science, Information Science etc. are able to benefit from the lecture series on a variety of subjects in the field of computer s